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MSE will be ringing in 2023 with two brand new leagues starting up in late January/early February, and registration is now open for them both!

Both organized teams and individual players are welcome to sign up for either the Fraser D league on Saturday evenings at Big Boy Arena in Fraser or the Southgate C/D league running on Tuesday/Wednesday evenings primarily at Southgate Civic Arena.

The new 2023 seasons are slated to begin on Saturday, Jan. 28, in Fraser and Tuesday or Wednesday, Feb. 7-8, in Southgate. Playoffs will wrap up in early June. Both leagues are geared toward individuals with beginner or novice skills, although there is a Tuesday/Wednesday "C" league for intermediate-skilled players also being offered.

Paper brochures/application forms are available at Big Boy Arena and Southgate Civic Arena, and online registration is open now with Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express here. The brochures, which include additional information, are also available for easy downloading off our homepage.

If you have any questions about the upcoming 2023 Winter/Spring seasons, just let us know at


Mount Clemens Ice Arena and Trenton's Kennedy Recreation Center will host the next MSE Adult Hockey Schools, and registration is now open!

The Mt. Clemens School will run on Monday evenings beginning Jan. 30 and running through April 3, while the Trenton School will run on Thursdays from Feb. 2 through April 6. Each program runs for 10 weeks and is specifically tailored for men and women 18 and up with beginner, novice or intermediate skills. Start times and more information are available in the brochures available on our home page and at both host arenas.

Participants in the beginner program will learn the fundamentals of the game, while intermediates will have an opportunity to further develop their skills with the assistance of our experienced and knowledgeable hockey instructors. Each class begins with the 30-minute off-ice session and all participants will have the option of being placed on a team at the conclusion of the Schools in April.

Best of all, the price for all 10 classes — including ten 1-1/2 hour on-ice sessions, ten 30-minute off-ice sessions and practice jersey — is $225.

You can register online for the 2023 Winter/Spring Adult Hockey Schools with any major credit card here or download the brochure off our homepage. You can also e-mail us with any questions you have about the program at any time. We hope to see you on the ice in the New Year!


Looking for an entire weekend of fun and competitive hockey against some new competition? Check out the 2023 MSE Cup Spring Adult Tournament, coming to Big Boy Arena in Fraser Friday through Sunday, March 24-26!

We're billing this special event as a State Championship, inviting teams from all six of our fall/winter arenas — Fraser, Mount Clemens, Trenton, Southgate, Taylor and Farmington Hills — as well as outstate and non-MSE teams. All will compete for the right to hoist the "MSE Cup."

Multiple skill levels are being offered, from novice to elite, and the cost is just $795 for a three-game guarantee plus a championship final game on Sunday for qualifying teams. In addition to the MSE Cup team trophy and a permanent spot on the MSE Champions page on our website, special championship T-shirts will be awarded to all members of the winning squads.

All teams can access our easy and convenient online registration with Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express here. Copies of the brochure/registration form are also available at Big Boy Arena and can be downloaded off our homepage.

This should be a great event — a weekend of great hockey, at a great price, with a showcase trophy and big-time bragging rights to the victors. Sign up now! Any questions about the Tournament, just contact us at


Three days, four champions. That was the story at the 2022 MSE Cup State Championship Tournament, held Friday through Sunday, March 25-27, in Fraser.

Following the two days of preliminary play, 8 teams emerged to qualify for a spot in the Championship Final on Sunday in their respective brackets. When the final buzzer sounded, Busch Snipers had bested The Network, 6-3, in Silver I; Eastside Kings topped Flint Tropics, 1-0, in a rare forfeit in Silver II; El Burro Loco beat the Reds, 6-1, in Bronze I; and Michigan Sting beat Solid Gold, 5-2, in Bronze II.

For complete tournament results, visit our STANDINGS page. Congratulations to our four champions and four runners-up, and thanks to all 18 teams competing for the 2022 MSE Cup.

Busch Snipers Eastside Kings
2022 MSE Cup Silver I champs — Busch Snipers 2022 MSE Cup Silver II champs — Eastside Kings
El Burro Loco Michigan Sting
2022 MSE Cup Bronze I champs — El Burro Loco 2022 MSE Cup Bronze II champs — Michigan Sting


The arrival of 2022 marked a pretty special milestone for Michigan Sports Enterprises. Hard to believe, but this is MSE's Silver Anniversary year, as the "Adult Hockey League Run by Adult Hockey Players" officially came into being on June 24, 1997. That was just a few weeks after fans celebrated the Red Wings first Stanley Cup championship in 42 years, so our timing could hardly have been better — interest in hockey in Metro Detroit had never been higher.

It's been a heck of a ride through this last quarter-century. Today, we look back and are amazed to realize that hundreds of our current players were not even born when we first got started.

Of course, a lot of back-office work is needed to make nearly 4,000 adult hockey games happen in a typical year, but it's always been a labor of love for us — after all this time, our passion for this great game is as strong as ever. And, we're certainly aware of the debt of gratitude we owe to our thousands of captains, players and customers who choose MSE to be their home. You've made us Michigan's largest adult hockey program 25 years running, and we hope to continue that tradition well into the future.

Nor have we forgotten the referees, scorekeepers, MSE staff and arena management and employees who make our games possible. Most of these dedicated individuals stuck with us through some difficult times recently, and to all of these people, past and present — THANK YOU.

Watch for some unique promotions and offers throughout this special anniversary year, which will be announced here on our website and through social media. It may be OUR anniversary — but we want it to be everyone's party!


It's always a good time to review some routine precautions all teams should follow when using the dressing facilities:

  1. Lock the Room When You Leave It!
    That's especially true when the dressing rooms are not visible from the ice surface — but it ALSO applies to arenas where the dressing rooms ARE visible from the ice. During the game, all eyes are focused on the action on the ice, not the dressing room doors. Thieves have been known to enter dressing rooms in full view of the players and spectators — and get away with it. And, remember that arena dressing rooms typically share a shower/lavatory facility with an adjoining dressing room. So, be sure to deny thieves the "back-door" access to your dressing room by securing the shower room door as well.
  2. Don't Carry Large Amounts of Cash!
    A full wallet is an open invitation to a thief. Players should carry a driver's license (in case there's a roster check) and enough money to pay for their ice — period. Large ice payments, of course, are best handled by a check or money order, and it's always wise to make any payment BEFORE the game — rather than leave a room full of cash when a team takes the ice. And treat your credit cards the same way you would a large amount of cash — leave them at home.
  3. Don't Force Open the Doors!
    If you find yourself unable to enter the dressing room, seek out a rink employee or someone from MSE. Don't try to force the door open! Not only will your team be responsible for the cost of repairing the door (which isn't cheap), a broken door is an inviting opportunity for a thief later on.
  4. Return Your Keys!
    We know it's a hassle to leave your car/house keys when picking up a dressing room key — but there's a reason almost all arenas do it. Having extra dressing room keys leave the building is an obvious security breach and an invitation to trouble. Remember to always return your key as you leave the arena.

Following these simple procedures should help to keep the dressing rooms secure and minimize the risk of anyone becoming victimized by a thief.


Now nearly two-and-a-half decades old and faster and more functional than ever, the Michigan Sports Enterprises website continues to be "the" adult hockey online resource in Metro Detroit. Since it went live in April 1998, has logged more than 40 million total hits, including an all-time record of more than 900,000 in March 2022!

MSE was the first adult hockey program in Michigan to provide its teams and players with online access to scores, standings, schedules, etc., and while the regular maintenance and updates aren't easy or inexpensive, has more than proven its worth to our teams over the years.

Remember, your team can become a part of our website for just $99 a year — that works out to about 27 cents a day and less than $2 a week. For that small expense, we'll link any team site to our "TEAM" page and give any one team sponsor a link to our "SPONSOR" page as well. If your team or your sponsor are interested in this great and inexpensive opportunity to get some added exposure, just drop us an e-mail at

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